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Housing and Business Enterprise

Provision of housing is a significant part of the Southern Aboriginal Corporation’s enterprises. As a housing body, SAC aims to provide Noongar tenants with quality accommodation at economic but affordable rents.


Of the 72 properties SAC manages, 64 are SAC owned with the total portfolio value estimated to be $22,756,526.

This housing program extends from Bunbury to Ravensthorpe, Brookton, Kondinin to Albany and all towns in between. As the region covers a large area and includes a number of small towns, SAC and its Board of Directors is divided into three Wards to ensure all areas of the region have representation.

SAC Housing is registered as a Preferred Provider with the Department of Housing WA (DoH) and is committed to growing the residential property portfolio by requesting titles to residential properties at no cost from DoH and managing additional residential property head leases from DoH. 

In continuing to provide quality and affordable housing to Indigenous people within the South West Region of Western Australia, SAC facilitates complete overhauls and refurbishments. Internal funds are maintained to cover long term repairs and maintenance as detailed in Housing Assistance Management Scheme (HAMS).

Tenants are offered quality, comfortable accommodation at good value for money and have created consistently high demand for accommodation, particularly in communities with access to employment, education, and training and health services.

The majority of SAC’s residential properties are three or four bedroom dwellings, to accommodate families with children. Of the 83 properties, there are 3 one‐bedroom units and 2 two‐bedroom units all of which are located in the regional centres of Albany and Bunbury. The balance of SAC’s portfolio is made up of three and four bedroom houses, catering to the high demand for accommodation for one and two parent families, with multiple children.

House 1
House 2
House 3
House 4
House 5

SAC's Housing Mission Statement states:


As providers of housing to Indigenous people within the SAC boundaries:

  • We shall buy and build good quality dwellings in every centre of Aboriginal population in our region, basing each purchasing decision on the availability of suitable properties for purchase and an impartial assessment of local housing needs;

  • We shall allocate dwellings fairly and impartially among prospective tenants who are willing to abide by the terms of our tenancy agreement;

  • We shall promote home ownership in the Aboriginal community by encouraging qualifying tenants to buy their homes; and

  • We shall run our housing program as a business enterprise, bearing in mind always that every dwelling we own is an asset of our Corporation and has been acquired for the ultimate economic benefit of all Aboriginal people in the SAC region, not just for the benefit of tenants.

Sound housing management practices to support SAC's services includes collection of rent from tenants. This income goes towards the associated costs of providing housing, such as;

  • Local government rates (where exemptions cannot be attained);

  • Water rates;

  • Property (building) insurance;

  • Projected repairs and maintenance;

  • Administrative expenses; and

  • Contributions towards purchase of additional housing stock.

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