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Moorditj Noongar and Yorgas – Albany Aboriginal rangers working on country

Moorditj Noongar & Yorgas - Albany Aboriginal Rangers will work with seven (7) community partners, state and local government agencies to deliver environmental restoration, survey and monitoring of EPBC species populations, interpretation of local culturally significant sites, and trails design, construction and maintenance in the south coast region of WA.

Moorditj is the Noongar word for ‘solid’. The Southern Aboriginal Corporation (SAC) is promoting this theme through its other outreach community programs including family violence prevention, improving employment opportunities, structured training and housing for Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Ranger program is a natural extension of the Southern Aboriginal Corporation focus over many years of improving training and employment for Noongar people. The rangers will be given the opportunity to achieve Certificates in Conservation and Land Management and Aboriginal Sites Works, as well as developing skills in cultural tourism with specific units from South Regional TAFE, and specialized training through the Centre for Outdoor Recreation Excellence.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services will provide fire suppression training. The combination of practical hands-on experience, mentoring from project partners and formal training, will culminate in a team of skilled and confident rangers ready to participate in managing native title lands once finalised.

The Ranger program currently consists of:

  • Samantha Williams - Ranger Coordinator

  • Errol Eades - Ranger

  • Shawn Colbung - Ranger

  • Jackson Toovey - Ranger

Read about the program in the media.

The project will be undertaken on reserves in the south coast region of WA, including at the following locations:
•    Gull Rock, West Cape Howe and Torndirrup national parks;
•    Natural Reserves managed by the City of Albany; and
•    Private property adjacent to national parks and reserves.

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ranger locations 2.png
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