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CITIHA workshop day 2

Day 2 in Albany. We talked triggers, loss and grief, family violence 30 years ago and then 15 years ahead. The development of an action plan creates a mechanism for the grounding and implementation of the training.

But today was deadly, because the flexibility in our program allowed us to embrace the opportunity to go out on country. Uncle took us to a burial site and the 'fish traps' - 2 significant places and an important trip for the group.

Later in the day we made playdough and added colour, essential oils and glitter! We found that working the dough in our hands was calming and rejuvenating. Research shows that creative therapeutic activities such as this, can repair the areas of the brain damaged by trauma.

This is We Al-li's Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach (CITIHA)

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